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The Restlog Platform

Data is robust. Data is dynamic. Data is Restlog.


With Restlog capture your data and view it in a variety of ways to better understand your project

Restlog is a data analytics platform for developers and designers that allows you to better learn and harness the power of your data. Restlog offers a single entry point to map, analyze and view data from any application on any platform, in real time. The ecosystem of modern application development is spread across countless platforms and languages. Restlog provides a powerful and flexible platform to harness all that data.

Data Driven

Data powers the world we live in. Why not simplify and harness that power one one centralized platform? When we learn from data, we can build better applications, better tools, monitor resources and continue to push forward the boundaries of what our apps can do.

Simply Powerful

Restlog offers a powerful and simple API, then can be used to gather data from any application, any platform, any language. Restlog is as powerful or as simple as you make it. Expose data trends, view error logs, map weekly data usage or just view anything your app sends. In real time, using Restlog’s powerful and flexible interface.