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About Us

Connecting people and places

Founded in September of 2016 and based in Buffalo, New York, Rogue Bit Studios is a company built around one purpose, to build platforms that connect people. We are a small group of talented engineers and designers who ventured out to build the platforms and services that are missing in todays mobile focused world. We have one goal and that is to bridge the divides between people and the cities and communities they live in.

The Poplr App

With Poplr you can explore the world around you based on your own interests. From coffee meetups to garage sales to happy hour and everything in between.
  • Explore your city based on your own interests
  • Discover new places and people
  • Create your own beacon and grow your influence
  • With Poplr, new adventures and friends are all around you

The RestLog Platform

Restlog is a data analytics platform for developers and designers that allows you to better learn and harness the power of your data. Restlog offers a single entry point to map, analyze and view data from any application on any platform, in real time. The ecosystem of modern application development is spread across countless platforms and languages. Restlog provides a powerful and flexible platform to harness all that data.
  • Any platform from any source
  • All your data together in one place
  • View, map, learn, and export

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